U.A.S Ltd has its own brand “Charmia”. So, the company puts its shoes into markets under the brand name of “Charmia”.

Charmia aims to enhance its international market position by entering into new markets. Today, our shoes are sold in Europe, Asia, USA, Middle East and Africa. 

Brand Essence

Modern; Casual, Boots, Sandals, Pumps Women Shoes. The sub categories are follows; Flats(Babet), High Heels, Mules, Open toe, Platforms, Low Heels, Oxfords, Sandal, Straps, Pumps, Comforts, High Boots, Low Boots, Sport Boots.

Distinguishing objective of the BRAND: Always be transparent and trustworthy for the client; and competitive for customer in the market of her life, through its collection of high quality products, stylish and feminine soul guidance.


We are a group of people bound by their passion and rationality for manufacturing and marketing. Because only people, only rational human, can take product attributes, demographics and research reports turn them into something that persuades other people to reach for. 

Brand Promises

For B2B Clients: Accountability, Reliability, Best Practices, Familiarity, Clients Focused Services,

For End User B2C: High-Quality, Fashion, Comfortability, Accessibility, and Uniqueness

Brand Personality: Luxurious, modern, authentic, perfection, comfort

Brand Difference: Being Progressive and reflecting of attractiveness of fashion

Brand Purpose: Designing elegant style and being premium in high fashion